Purpose, Vision & Mission

Corporate Values and Beliefs


Underlying the above values and beliefs are the core principles of Love, Respect and Honesty for our clients, colleagues and stakeholders.

Corporate Values and Beliefs

Our driving values and beliefs are:

  • Integrity – We provide service that is based on the customer’s needs, not just for our profit!
  • Confidentiality – We appreciate the privileged nature of our relationship with our customers and colleagues and at all times treat information received with respect and do not divulge information except in accordance with our duty and the law.
  • Independence – We are free to deal ethically and professionally.
  • Customer Service Excellence – We seek to build life-long relationships, based on trust and respect, for our clients!
  • Pure Potentiality – We believe that with faith, planning and focus we will achieve far greater ends than is ordinarily possible!
  • Courage – We dare to proactively participate in change, without fear!
  • Care for the Community – We exist because the community exists. We strive to contribute to the well being of the community! UBUNTU!
  • Empowerment – We seek to empower our staff and customers to make decisions. Within the current South African context, we seek to participate keenly in the struggle for blacks and women to gain increasing access to the management of the economy!
  • Synergy – We believe in cooperation and the power of a team!

Corporate Purpose

The purpose of Personal and Corporate Wealth Management is to actively promote financial literacy and empowerment of its clients and through ongoing financial planning and education that protects and creates wealth for our clients and stakeholders. Our raison d’etre is to fight the poor savings culture and debt trap, which undermine the socio-economic development of South Africa. Our purpose as life insurance intermediaries is to actively build a community that cares for its old, sick, disabled, widowed, orphans and thereby reduce poverty and create wealth for our Clients.

Corporate Vision

As Personal and Corporate Wealth Management  we seek to be part of a vibrant and wealth-creating Africa. We will achieve this by being a substantial financial services group that offers exceptional customer service. We will delight our clients by helping them to become wealthier and more secure financially. By doing this we will provide exceptional returns to all our key stakeholders, our staff and the community.

Corporate Mission

At Personal and Corporate Wealth Management  we are committed to the provision of exquisite customer service. This service enhances the financial security and wealth creation for our people, especially our customers, within the context of the struggle for personal significance and African economic liberation.


Our basic methodology process involves the following:

  • Establish true human relationship with our clients
  • Gather data and assist client to set financial goals and determine risk profile
  • Analyse and Evaluate Needs and consider options
  • Evaluate alternatives and propose recommendations
  • Implement recommendations
  • Monitor and review clients’ situation regularly
  • Continual Research to improve service offering and knowledge of market needs and developments

Personal and Corporate Wealth Management


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